Melanie’s Composition Workshop

Melanie Spanswick will hold a composition workshop during the piano festival. In this workshop, she will discuss her life as a writer and composer, and will work with course participants, offering helpful and creative ideas about writing music. This will be a practical workshop and students will be able to try out various compositional suggestions for themselves at the piano.

Kristin’s Cello Emsemble

A creative chamber musician, Kristin Malmborg will host a Stockholm’s most popular cello emsemble course for young cellists during the festival!

LP DUO – Hybrid Piano

LP Duo experimented with the sounds of various analogue and digital synthesizers in combination with acoustic pianos. During the project Quantum Music, together with engineers Dragan Novkovic and Darko Lazovic, they developed completely new instrument – Hybrid Piano. Adding a special hardware mechanism to any acoustic piano, they can easily manipulate any digital sound, light or video.